A RTLS platform that helps streamline and modernize operations in your hospital.
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Hospitals are forced to use siloed solutions to solve different operational issues, leading to redundant infrastructure, hard-to-maintain solutions, and lack of insight.

It’s a frustrating problem that almost every hospital faces daily.

track equipment icon for Cox Prosight
Staff has to track down available and functioning equipment
temperature sensitive icon for Cox Prosight
Temperature sensitive areas have to be checked manually
security icon for Cox Prosight
Security may be hard to reach quickly to diffuse dangerous situations
hospital navigation icon for Cox Prosight
Visitors miss or are late to appointments because of difficulty navigating large, ever-changing hospital campuses

Cox Prosight helps hospitals transform to provide the highest-level of operational insight.

An extensible, secure solution that provides the capability to track and monitor assets, environments, and people across a hospital facility. All powered by our IoT platform, Prosight CORE.

Prosight is specifically designed to address some of the challenges hospitals face while embarking on digital transformation by delivering:
affordable solution icon for Cox Prosight
Affordable platform solution. Realize ROI on your investment and expand to multiple use cases without the need for siloed solutions.
full stack solution icon for Cox Prosight
Full stack solution including software, hardware and services from a single provider. Hardware-agnostic software supports Bluetooth and other tech.
full stack solution icon for Cox Prosight
Seamless integrations with Wayfinding, EMR, EHR and other IT solutions.
full stack solution icon for Cox Prosight
Security assurance backed by Cox security center of excellence.
Prosight Core benefits infographic

How can Cox Prosight transform your hospital operations?

Asset Tracking icon
Track and monitor the location,
status and utilization of equipment
in your hospital.
Learn More
Asset Tracking icon
Give patients and visitors an easy way
to navigate the hospital maze of
buildings and offices and appointments.
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Staff Duress icon
Fingertip access to emergency help –
just one push of a button alerts security
and safety personnel without
escalating the situation.
Learn More
Environmental Monitoring icon
Monitor and check
temperatures hospital-wide for
sensitive items and spaces.
Learn More

Cutting edge technology brings everything together to save you time.

Cox Prosight CORE infographic

Improve six key areas for your hospital.

Cox Prosight can help transform key operational issues.
boost operational efficiency through automation icon for Cox Prosight
cut costs by reducing wasted time searching for equipment icon for Cox Prosight
reduce waste through automated environmental monitoring icon for Cox Prosight
support staff with emergency call badges icon for Cox Prosight
insights help streamline clinical workflows icon for Cox Prosight
improve patient experience and engagement icon for Cox Prosight
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