How Asset Tracking Improves Staff Efficiency and Productivity

April 20, 2022

With the integration of our asset tracking technology, we can help your employees do their job better.

In the healthcare world, success comes down to time well spent. The pandemic era has given us many valuable lessons — but one of the most important lessons to understand is that the resources of our hospitals and healthcare services are not endless. Because of this, medical asset tracking has become one of the most essential parts of the healthcare industry. For healthcare providers, efficiency is a primary focus.

With Prosight, it’s our goal to improve hospital efficiency by creating the most effective asset tracking solutions on the market. Our real time location solution helps streamline and modernize operations in hospitals, seamlessly integrating with your current set up to provide solutions to common tracking and productivity problems. We help ensure caregivers have the right equipment at the right time to do the right job. 

There are countless potential benefits to asset tracking, like increased organization, well-informed decision making, better employee accountability, etc., but what it really achieves is an increase in staff productivity. By implementing asset tracking systems, hospitals are able to achieve a greater impact in all areas of their performance, including effective healthcare itself along with employee satisfaction. With the integration of our asset tracking technology, we can help your employees do their job better. Let’s dig in further. 

Save Time and Reduce Waste with Improved Workflows and Eliminated Manual Counting 

Hospital equipment tracking is a double-edged sword of the industry. It needs to be done — and done well — but it’s a task that’s traditionally been difficult to automate. As a healthcare provider, you’re challenged with maintaining the best operations you can, while ensuring your medical asset tracking system is operating at its highest level. Tracking assets in the healthcare industry is also a detail-oriented job that is often prone to human error.

Cox Prosight’s asset tracking solutions can help improve hospital efficiency by keeping tabs on the location and utilization of devices and equipment — and does so without the slow process of manual counting. Not only is that process antiquated, but the process is ripe for human error, inventory mismanagement, and a general misuse of everyone’s time. Not to mention it affects your bottom line, as you’ll need to cover the replacement cost of any lost equipment. To mitigate this risk, it is imperative to investigate ways to integrate asset tracking software into your workflow.

Positively Impact Patient Care by Eliminating the Need to Look for Misplaced Equipment

Improving your hospital’s medical asset tracking is a way to increase the value of your staff’s patient care. Missing or misplaced equipment can delay treatment, reduce patient safety, increase wait time, and foster an overall unpleasant experience for the patient. When you have a million other concerns, medical asset tracking may not feel like a priority.

In the worst case scenarios, careless medical asset tracking may endanger the lives of patients. There are moments when missing equipment could delay surgery, treatment, or other forms of care. This is not a situation that any patient or staff member should have to experience. An insight-driven, real-time location solution, or RTLS, system for medical asset tracking can help you to streamline this process, avoid human error, and save your staff time. 

Alleviate Obstacles With Actionable Asset Tracking Solutions 

The healthcare industry is fast-moving and always evolving. There are situations happening today that will be treated differently tomorrow. In order to support the constant battle that health workers face, it’s important to arm them with the latest technology. Prosight’s solution can seamlessly address these types of obstacles.

Moreover, effective medical asset tracking is an extremely easy way to support your staff. By alleviating the pressures of bookkeeping and other data-focused jobs, healthcare providers are able to free up members of their staff to provide the best healthcare possible. To that end, it is important to consider how automating your inventory process could benefit your practice. 

Improve Hospital Staff Efficiency Across the Board

In the end, a hospital is an organization, so it’s important to view it from an engineering perspective. As humans, we tend to overcomplicate things — whether on purpose or by accident — and so sometimes the most effective system is to get out of our own way. 

With Prosight’s medical asset tracking solution, improving hospital efficiency on every level is our ultimate goal. We’ll help your healthcare systems run at a premium level, so you can encourage your nurses, doctors, and staff to work to the best of their ability. Consider letting Prosight provide your team with the right tools. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your operation. 

Meredith Strachan
Manager, Marketing

Meredith leads strategy and execution of Cox Prosight's comprehensive marketing strategy including events, digital, content, campaigns and social media. She has a passion for bringing awareness to innovative, digital healthcare solutions through marketing programs enabling organizations to fully engage patients and improve patient experiences. Meredith holds a B.S in Finance from the University of Alabama and resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and child.