Healthcare Digital Transformations: Smart Hospitals, Asset Tracking & Beyond

January 15, 2024

New digital solutions and technologies are causing a complete digital transformation in the healthcare industry. But just what is a digital transformation in healthcare, and what does it mean for hospitals?

Discover how Cox Prosight can help your healthcare facility along its digital transformation. 

With the rise of new digital solutions and technologies, the healthcare industry is facing a complete digital transformation. What began as an industry buzzword is now very much a reality for today’s hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

But just what is a digital transformation in healthcare, and what does it mean for hospitals? According to one public health study, a digital transformation in healthcare refers to “changes related to the internet, digital technologies, and their relation to new therapies and best practices for better health management procedures.” 

For hospitals, a healthcare digital transformation means embracing new technology to create or improve existing processes, services, or products. Digital transformation in healthcare can help hospitals optimize operational decision-making, as well as lead to improvements in the quality and efficiency of patient care. As healthcare facilities continue to shift toward patient-centric care models, leveraging technology is more necessary than ever before. 

Embracing Healthcare Digital Transformations & Leveraging New Technology

Digital transformation in healthcare calls for facilities and hospitals to invest in their digital infrastructure so they can deliver superior patient-focused outcomes and class-leading operational efficiency. In other words, smart hospitals are the future of healthcare — but what does it mean to be a smart hospital, and what types of cutting-edge technologies should hospitals consider to become smarter? 

According to The Journal of mHealth, hospitals should look at the following technologies to push forward into the future of digitized healthcare:

  • Electronic health records
  • Food preparation and storage technology
  • Robotics, diagnostic technology
  • Staff management technology
  • Infection detection technologies

Others suggest hospitals should invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital applications. While we agree with the importance of these advanced technologies, we also believe hospitals should first focus on these three operational technologies that integrate with their entire hospital ecosystem:

  • Responsive Internet. High-speed internet provides reliable connectivity to power a hospital’s digital infrastructure.
  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS). These solutions enable numerous features, including asset tracking, wayfinding, environmental monitoring, and more.
  • Digital Front Door Solutions. A hospital’s digital front door encompasses a patient’s entire virtual experience with a provider. 
how cox prosight technology promotes digital transformation in healthcare

How Cox Prosight Technology Promotes Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The Cox Prosight platform helps hospitals and healthcare facilities to transform and digitize key pillars of their organization by providing the highest level of operational insight. Discover how our solutions can help digitally transform healthcare to help make hospitals smarter. 

Enable Digital Transformation with a Healthcare RTLS Platform

Cox Prosight is an RTLS platform that enables hospitals to streamline and modernize their operations. Our real-time location system gives hospitals the ability to track and monitor assets, environments, and people, all in one platform. 

Many facilities have siloed health IT solutions, but with Prosight, hospitals can future-proof their infrastructure investment and gain real-time visibility across their facility. Prosight implements industry-standard healthcare cybersecurity and compliance standards to help protect critical information. 

Here are three ways our RTLS platform enables digital transformation in healthcare. 

1. Asset Tracking

Without asset tracking, nurses and hospital staff waste precious time searching for equipment, resulting in delayed patient care. Studies show that nurses can spend up to 21 minutes per shift looking for misplaced medical equipment and an average of 57 minutes searching for and cleaning equipment. Nurses may hoard equipment out of necessity, further exacerbating the problem. 

Cox Prosight enables asset tracking, so staff can see where all medical equipment is in real time. They can even break down equipment location by floor, department, asset type, and equipment status. When equipment needs to be returned, maintained, or cleaned, hospitals can set up real-time notifications — and if equipment leaves the hospital, staff can be alerted. 

2. Resource and Inventory Management

Does your facility struggle with resource management or visibility? Cox Prosights drives operational efficiency by helping hospitals manage their equipment and staff more efficiently. Wasted time affects the quality of patient care, which is why RTLS technology is essential to today’s smart hospitals. 

With Cox Prosight, administrative staff can view real-time data to see equipment usage and when it’s time to purchase or rent more equipment. Our platform helps hospitals prevent delays in patient treatment and eliminate waste. In addition, hospitals can digitally transform and leverage Cox Prosight to gain real-time inventory visibility and plan for future demand. 

3. Staff Safety

According to OSHA, U.S. hospitals recorded 221,400 work-related injuries and illnesses in 2019. And, approximately one in three physicians is experiencing burnout at any time, according to a study — burnout can be caused by stress and workplace violence. Cox Prosight solutions can help hospitals avoid burnout and provide a safer workplace for their employees

During an emergency, hospital staff need to be able to request and receive help quickly. Cox Prosight enables staff safety badges that track employees’ real-time location in situations of duress. When a staff member calls the system for help, security is notified with real-time alerts that share the staff’s location.

partner with prosight to kickstart your hospital's digital transformation

Partner with Cox Prosight to Kickstart Your Hospital’s Digital Transformation

For many healthcare facilities, it may seem like there are multiple obstacles standing in the way of their healthcare digital transformation. Partner with Cox Prosight and let our cutting-edge RTLS technology boost operational efficiency, staff safety, clinical workflows, and patient experiences. Our platform solution is affordable, helping hospitals realize ROI on their investment and expand to multiple use cases without siloed solutions.

To learn more about how Cox Prosight can help digitally transform your hospital’s operations, contact us today. 

George Valentine
AVP & General Manager

George is an entrepreneurial executive and serial entrepreneur successful in launching, growing, and managing technology-based companies. George joined Cox Communication’s Innovation group in 2014 and is responsible for developing, incubating, and executing the company’s Connected Health strategy, including solution and partnership development, investments, acquisitions, and market trials. Prior to Cox, George founded two successful technology companies, performed a venture-backed company turnaround, and led large enterprise projects as a KPMG management consultant. George holds an MBA and B.S. in Finance from the University of South Carolina. George, his wife, and two children live in Atlanta, GA.