How Cox Prosight Promotes Healthcare Workforce Resilience

May 24, 2022

Learn how the Prosight solution operates to make lives easier for countless healthcare heroes.

It has not been an easy past few years for healthcare workers: COVID-19 forced our healthcare heroes into crowded hospitals, long hours, and near-constant brush-ins with sickness. With so many challenges, healthcare workers are experiencing massive burnout. 

Cox Prosight seeks to help ease the load on the healthcare workforce. Our team combines lessons learned from COVID-19 with a wealth of industry knowledge to create intuitive solutions to healthcare problems, streamlining hospital processes and helping reduce stress.

Read on to learn the philosophy of our solutions, how they tackle problems in healthcare, and how they operate to make lives easier for countless healthcare heroes.

Healthcare Solutions That Reduce Healthcare Worker Burnout

Healthcare facilities and the workers who keep everything operating have a lot of responsibility on their hands. Given the high-pressure nature of the jobs in the medical field, staff can often feel overwhelmed or even burnout in their roles. We created solutions that save workers time by automating tedious healthcare processes, like equipment tracking, temperature monitoring, hospital wayfinding, and more.

COVID-19 further exposed just how integral operational efficiency is to healthy hospital environments for staff and patients alike. 

Simple and Efficient Hospital Asset Tracking

One of the many lessons learned from COVID-19 is that hospitals need fast, efficient equipment tracking. When hospitals fill up with patients, there’s not a second to waste, and even a minute spent finding medical equipment means time is taken away from patients. As staff struggle to find equipment, they can lose focus on implementing essential care.

RTLS hospital asset tracking helps reduce this burden. Prosight’s solution allows staff to find equipment in real-time, by floor, department, asset type, or equipment status. They can access comprehensive information, including visibility to needs for maintenance, patient care, sanitization, or recall.

Altogether, hospital asset tracking can vastly streamline the process of finding hospital equipment. As employees save time previously wasted on finding available equipment, they’re able to dedicate more of their day to patient care and less of their workload to administrative tasks.

Reliable Staff Safety Solutions

In tandem with the stressors of care, healthcare workers also need to worry about potential issues of staff duress: Healthcare employees are 4x more likely to experience workplace violence than other job fields. Amidst extensive nurse stress and burnout, the threat of violence feels more real than ever. Workers need peace of mind that they’ll be safe in case of an emergency.

Prosight's staff safety solution simplifies tracking for both emergent and non-emergent situations. By alerting security personnel of the location of the staff member in duress, this solution lets at-risk employees call for help when they need it. 

Using staff safety badges, administrators and security personnel gain real-time visibility into staff location to diffuse situations. Decreased response times save precious time in dangerous situations, helping employees stay calm knowing help is on the way.

With extensive emergency preparations in place, hospital staff can perform their jobs knowing they will be safe and supported. This greater sense of security brings with it greater workplace resilience.

Intuitive, Unobtrusive Hospital Wayfinding

Healthcare workers spend the majority of their days interacting with and caring for their patients. However, when patients or their families approach staff to ask for directions or help navigating through the facility, it can be a time-consuming distraction that pulls caregivers away from their main responsibilities. 

Implementing location-based hospital wayfinding both enhances the patient experience and reduces these unnecessary, time-consuming interactions. Prosight’s technology outfits guests with a real-time, indoor GPS, showing users exactly where they are within a hospital and where they need to go to reach their destination. Our solution even includes turn-by-turn navigations.

Hospitals can even use wayfinding solutions to help optimize their patient flow. Our app offers analytics to help understand patient flows and habits. These analytics can spur changes that, once implemented, break up hospital bottlenecks. With greater patient flow, healthcare professionals and equipment can get to where they need to go even faster. 

Environmental Monitoring Automation

From refrigerators to operating rooms, maintaining consistent environmental conditions in hospitals is essential to hospital operations. Hospitals have countless rooms that need environmental control; manually checking each room for ideal conditions can take hours out of a healthcare worker’s day.

Automated temperature monitoring reduces the time dedicated this time-consuming task. Prosight logs temperature readings 24/7, automatically collecting temperature data to be stored in the Cloud. Condition logs for every room or asset are easily accessible through an online portal.

With temperature information so easy to access and review, hospital employees rarely need to physically check rooms or refrigerators – and an environment needs attention, they’ll know where to go and what to do.

Reduce Hospital Worker Stress and Burnout Using Cox Prosight

Our full suite of location-based solutions provides crucial support to our healthcare heroes. From creating better responses to staff duress to improving asset tracking, our technology strives to support workers during their day-to-day duties, especially in times of unprecedented stress. We seek to modernize hospital operations so workers can focus on what they do best: providing vital, life-saving care.

Want to bolster your hospital's efficiency and resilience with Cox Prosight? Contact us to learn more about transforming your operation today. 

Meredith Strachan
Manager, Marketing

Meredith leads strategy and execution of Cox Prosight's comprehensive marketing strategy including events, digital, content, campaigns and social media. She has a passion for bringing awareness to innovative, digital healthcare solutions through marketing programs enabling organizations to fully engage patients and improve patient experiences. Meredith holds a B.S in Finance from the University of Alabama and resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and child.