What is Hospital Automation? Automating Hospital Operations Using Cox Prosight

April 25, 2023

Discover how hospital automation can help your healthcare facility improve the patient experience while reducing operational costs using healthcare RTLS.

Providers and care teams in the healthcare industry are continuously looking for ways to streamline processes and improve patient outcomes. One way they can do this is through automation. Automation technology has revolutionized many industries — including construction and automotive — and is now being adopted by healthcare because of its proven benefits. 

Healthcare automation is designed to automate a facility’s daily operations, leading to lower costs, improved quality of care, increased asset flow, and greater time available for providers. According to CAQH, a healthcare industry research organization, automation has helped the healthcare industry reduce administrative costs by $122 billion. 

While healthcare automation is complex, there are seamless solutions on the market, such as Cox Prosight, to make it a useful tool for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Discover how Prosight can help your facility cut costs and modernize operations.

4 Ways to Automate Your Hospital’s Operations 

From improving patient outcomes to streamlining manual tasks, Cox Prosight can help hospitals automate day-to-day operations while helping achieve high safety and compliance ratings. Here are four ways Cox Prosight enables automation:  

1. Automated Temperature Monitoring

Hospitals often have hundreds of temperature-sensitive areas, including refrigerators and operating rooms. Manually monitoring an area's temperatures and conditions can be time consuming and expensive — yet it’s a critical hospital operation. Eliminate manual tasks with Cox Prosight’s environmental monitoring and reporting features. 

Prosight automatically monitors and collects information, so when it is time to submit audit reports, it is neatly organized in one place. And if temperature problems arise, Prosight delivers instant notifications so staff can quickly troubleshoot problems. 

2. Improved Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is another common issue that many healthcare facilities face. Managing equipment can take lots of time and effort — nurses can spend up to 1 hour per shift looking for medical equipment, according to Nursing Times

Cox Prosight is a real-time location solution (RTLS) that helps hospitals and healthcare facilities track medical equipment in real time. With tracking tags, staff can get visibility into equipment locations for maintenance, patient care, cleaning, recalls, or rental returns. Asset tracking can help:

  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Order smarter and right-size inventory
  • Eliminate stock outs
  • Reduce equipment shrinkage

3. Digital Front Door Alerts

When a patient interacts with a facility’s patient portal or facility map, they engage with their digital front door. Navigating a new healthcare facility or remembering appointments can be challenging for many patients, but Cox Prosight helps hospitals improve their patient experience with location-based services

Wayfinding gives healthcare facilities an easy-to-use platform that eases patient stress. Cox Prosight can be integrated with existing mobile applications or EMR/EHR for a seamless and secure experience. Facilities can even activate personalized alerts and promotions based on the patient’s location and need. 

4. Hand Hygiene Monitoring

The importance of hand hygiene has risen over the years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s essential in preventing hospital-acquired infections, but many hospitals struggle to meet certain hygiene requirements. And not only does hand hygiene affect patients, but it is a component of a facility’s Leapfrog Safety Grade

Help your facility meet hand hygiene compliance requirements with Cox Prosight’s RTLS monitoring. Through RTLS-enabled badges, a staff member’s accurate location is provided when near a hand sanitation station. Every time a healthcare worker activates a sanitizing dispenser, it is recorded in system software. This data is accurately tracked and displayed in a dashboard, providing real-time views into floor or department data. 

Resolve Operational Challenges and Improve Quality of Care with Cox Prosight

Healthcare automation technology solves many hospital operational challenges, saves staff time, and improves patient outcomes. While many healthcare facilities are forced to use siloed solutions for their various operations, Cox Prosight is a comprehensive platform that solves multiple challenges at once. 

Contact our team today to learn more about how Cox Prosight can help your facility automate tasks and future-proof operations. 

Jaiganesh Balasubramanian
Director, Product and Technology

Jai is a product and technology executive with demonstrated history in building and growing several brands and businesses in the Smart building and Healthcare space. Jai joined Cox Prosight in 2020 and is responsible for developing and executing the company’s Smart Hospital strategy, including solution and partnership development, investments, acquisitions, and business growth. Prior to Cox, Jai led the development and management of IoT smart and connected building technologies with a specialty in building automation systems and location-based solutions and has a track record of achieving growth and penetration into new market segments. Jai holds an MBA from Cornell University and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northern Illinois University. Jai, his wife, and two children live in Atlanta, GA.