How RTLS Asset Tracking Can Increase Hospital Equipment Utilization

May 16, 2023

Discover how to improve your hospital’s medical equipment utilization rate with asset tracking software.

From hospital stretchers and surgical tables to patient monitors and EKG machines, hospitals have thousands of pieces of medical equipment to monitor, clean, and maintain. There is an average of 10 to 15 medical devices per patient bed — a 500-bed hospital could have up to 7,500 medical devices. Without an efficient equipment tracking system, it can be nearly impossible for staff to locate equipment or for administration to understand equipment utilization. 

A hospital’s medical equipment utilization rate measures the amount of equipment in use at any given time. Healthcare facilities aim to achieve the perfect balance — meaning there is enough available equipment when staff needs it, but there is no costly oversupply. By successfully utilizing equipment, hospitals can:

  • Lower equipment costs and save money
  • Improve patient outcomes with high-quality care
  • Cut the time staff spends searching for clean equipment

But managing and improving equipment utilization in hospitals is often easier said than done. Let’s look at some common reasons why many hospitals struggle to utilize their equipment and how a real-time location systems (RTLS) platform can help.

3 Reasons Why Hospitals Fail to Successfully Utilize Equipment

Without an effective asset tracking solution in place, it is challenging for many hospitals to have a full grasp of their equipment utilization. Not only do facilities need to understand how long equipment is in use, but they need visibility into how long it takes for equipment to be cleaned and returned to the hospital. 

Here’s why many healthcare facilities fail to adequately utilize their medical equipment. 

1. Faulty Tracking 

Outdated equipment management, such as paper records or dated databases, can leave room for error and result in operational mishaps. Poor equipment tracking causes medical devices to get lost, especially in transit between maintenance and cleanings. And if devices are stolen, many hospitals have no way of knowing. 

Gain complete visibility into the location and status of each of your medical devices with Cox Prosight. Our RTLS solution can help you efficiently manage medical equipment with asset tracking tags. Conveniently track equipment by floor, department, asset type, or equipment status from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

2. Maintenance Failure 

Preventative equipment maintenance is essential to ensure devices are always functioning. Staff need to be able to rely on nearby equipment and don’t have time to waste searching for functioning devices, especially during emergencies. Medical equipment is also crucial during diagnosis and must be efficiently maintained to ensure accurate output. 

Not only does faulty equipment affect hospital staff’s ability to care for patients, but it also puts patients at risk. Give your staff peace of mind with Cox Prosight. Hospitals can utilize our asset tracking software to alert teams when equipment needs maintenance. With our software, facilities can help ensure routine maintenance is always completed on time. 

3. Equipment Shrinkage

Medical equipment shrinkage happens when the number of products in stock is fewer than those recorded on the inventory list. Sometimes, when staff struggle to find clean, patient-ready equipment, they will hoard equipment for future use. Many nurses report spending up to 1 hour searching for equipment during a 10-hour shift. Equipment shrinkage may also be caused by theft, damage, or lost equipment. 

Equipment shrinkage is a symptom of a much larger issue — poor equipment management and utilization. Cox Prosight can help hospitals reduce equipment shrinkage by monitoring equipment in real-time. Our solution gives hospitals visibility into when equipment is leaving the facility or if it is misplaced. 

Improve Your Medical Equipment Utilization and Lower Equipment Costs with Cox Prosight  

Gain full visibility into your medical equipment utilization rate with Cox Prosight. Our asset tracking software will give your hospital the tool you need to make informed decisions when it is time to purchase or rent medical equipment. Not only will efficient asset tracking improve your facility’s bottom line, but it will save your staff time and improve patient care.

Contact our team today to learn more about how Cox Prosight can eliminate uncertainty when it comes to healthcare equipment utilization.

Sharon Fanto
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