How Hospital Staff Badges Can Help Promote Employee Safety and Patient Experience

June 23, 2022

Hospital staff badges help ensure the safe movement of hospital staff and a convenient patient experience.

Hospitals are massive ecosystems filled with organized chaos. Healthcare workers are constantly on-the-go, moving from task to task and unit to unit, dealing with a million different things at the same time. Given everything that’s going on in today’s world, these work conditions can not only create confusing situations, but are also a breeding ground for challenges in safety and patient comfort.

Because of these factors, ensuring the safe movement of hospital staff and a convenient patient experience are both vital pillars for the success of a healthcare enterprise.

Although it might not be immediately obvious, an effective way to accomplish both of these things is through hospital badges, which can do so much more than present an employee’s name and title — and that’s where Cox’s Prosight location-based technology comes in

A hospital ID badge is a piece of technology in and of itself. These badges act as devices that help dictate the flow of hospitals. On top of indicating your name and role to the world, they can also restrict access to secure areas, track staff workflows, and provide a communication tool that’s quick and easy if a worker finds themselves in a dangerous situation.

The way the solution works at its core is simple. Hospital staff wear badges that are equipped with technology to enable location accuracy in case of duress situations, visibility into staff workflows and automatic nurse call cancellations. From there, hospitals have room to innovate, helping healthcare professionals understand their workflows and resource investments and allowing systems to operate at the highest efficiency possible.

One-Touch Badge Alerts for Staff Duress

Hospitals must prepare their facilities for the threat of potential staff duress; research shows that hospital workers are 4x more likely to experience workplace violence than other job fields. That’s a statistic that all hospital administrators must heavily consider.

The Prosight Staff Safety solution offers a way for hospital staff to signal for help in duress situations. One-touch badge alerts are easy, discreet ways for staff to alert security personnel if they are in a dangerous situation. Duress signals can be sent out discreetly, alerting appropriate security responses depending on what the situation calls for. Through this solution, hospital workers can feel safe and secure while at work.

Location Awareness to Help Increase Staff Efficiency

Depending on the healthcare worker and their specific job responsibilities, daily tasks could take them all over the hospital. From manually monitoring temperature maintenance to checking on various patients, healthcare workers are constantly on the move. Often, the paths healthcare workers take throughout the day fail to optimize staff workflow.

By applying location tracking technology to hospital badges, our technology can help streamline the healthcare worker’s hospital experience, shaving away time lost by assisting with  efficient worker movement throughout the hospital. Workers can better understand where to go, when to go there, and how to get there.

By gaining visibility into the location of caregivers, hospitals can better understand inefficiencies and streamline caregiver time with patients. Once implemented, these changes can improve patient experience by providing greater and faster access to care.

Nurse Call Automation to Enhance the Patient and Staff Experience

Another potential way to improve patient experience is using nurse call automation. Through the real-time visibility of hospital badge technology, hospitals can enhance nurse call systems.

By analyzing information gained from hospital badges, smart hospitals can automate functions within nurse call systems. Optimized nurse call systems can, for example, automatically cancel nurse calls once the nurse is in the room. The system will then send an alert to other team members that care is in place, allowing them to focus on other priorities and patients.

Ultimately, nurse call automation can streamline workflow for staff, which can create a better experience for patients. As with other solutions for optimized workflow, patients can reap the benefits of fast care and staff will have more time to focus on patients.

Hospital Security Badges Improve Employee Safety and Patient Experience

Ultimately, hospital badge technology can be used to help improve employee safety and patient experience. This is facilitated by providing information to help automate hospital activities such as nurse call functions. The combination of smart alerts and smart locations can create an efficient ecosystem that caters to the safety and experiential needs of all parties. In other words, the more you know, the better off you are. Let Prosight technology help streamline your organization today.

Cox Prosight

A secure, extensible, IoT solution from Cox Communications that tracks and monitors assets, environments, and people to improve operational efficiency, staff safety, and clinical flows while engaging patients inside and outside of the hospital footprint. Our end-to-end solution includes hardware, software, and services using BLE sensors and light-weight gateways to track the location of assets and people in real-time to improve the staff and patient experience.